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Playing casino games, whether online in a virtual environment, or in an actual casino, can be a fun and an adrenalin filled evening.

Watching the roulette wheel spinning in anticipation, waiting the turn of the card on blackjack or peeking through your fingers at a spinning slot as the jackpot signs roll in, is a enjoyable way to have fun with friends or running solo.

Learning the games can be frustrating, but once you understand the concepts and some of the strategies they can be used to your benefit.

Unfortunately the online world has brought about many unregulated casinos, we will try and help you steer clear of those, and only feature more trustworthy brands.

The aim of Guide to Casinos is to help answer day to day casino questions you may have, and also bring to you the best and current promotions from the top casinos.

Our strengths lie in our enjoyment and thrill of casino game playing, but also our mathematical and analytical skills.

Using our real life data we look to spot the patterns others have missed to bring you a unique insight in to the leveraging the odds in your favour as much as possible!

We want to help you succeed, and land wins more often.

The website is not designed to encourage more gambling than anyone should. If you think you may not be betting responsible, please seek help. Visit the Be Gamble Aware website for free confidential help and support. They have both an online chat facility and helpline (0808 8020 133) run 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our intention is to help you have fun, learn and enjoy casino play, help you find the best bonuses and help you avoid the mistakes we have fell in to along the way.

Have fun!

Guide to Casinos


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