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Best UK PayPal Casinos for 2024: Top Casinos Accepting PayPal

Jan 1, 2024

One of the easiest ways to deposit and withdraw into an online casino account is through PayPal.

PayPal is an online payment and banking service which launched in 1998 and is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Opening a PayPal account is easy and is often a preferred payment service by many owing to PayPal’s generous payment guarantees, and also the security of not being a person’s main bank account.

Unfortunately, up until recently, many online casinos did not accept PayPal as a service to fund from or withdraw to, and in some countries it is illegal.

Fortunately, within the UK it is legal to use PayPal, and it is being implemented as a payment method in to more and more online UK casinos.

We have spent time looking and researching to bring you the best UK casinos offering PayPal as a method to withdraw and, or deposit into an account in 2023.


32Red Casino accepts PayPal deposit and withdrawals

32Red is one of the more popular online casinos in the UK thanks to their TV and online commercials featuring Keith Lemon in his rather dapper red hat.

In the past two years the number of people searching for 32 Red, as a result of the Keith Lemon ads, has doubled!

PayPal can be used to both despot and withdraw to, and both withdrawals and deposits are usual instant on 32Red.

The PayPal account being withdrawn to must be the same PayPal account that was used to make a deposit of funds in to a 32Red account.

The minimum amount that can be deposited to a 32Red account using PayPal is £10.



888Casino which is part of the 888 Holding Group has been welcoming customers through their online doors for 25 years.

With its iconic green logo, and a huge range of slots, live casino and roulette games, it has become a popular choice for UK casino lovers.

The 888Casino PayPal terms and conditions makes no mention of a minimum fee, but our experience is usually a £5 – £10 minimum.

The 888Casino mobile app can also integrate well with the PayPal app for fast deposits and withdrawals.



We love the PartyCasino uncluttered interface, which makes game playing that much easier.

We also love the fact PartyCasino allow PayPal for deposits and withdraws to top up and withdraw winnings.

Although the official PartyCasino PayPal page makes no mention of it, we do know there is a £10 minimum for PayPal deposits when setting up or adding to a PartyCasino account.

PayPal deposits are instantly available to play, and withdrawals are available the same day.



If you fancy playing a game of Millwall hard man and now film star Vinnie Jones Blackjack, then you will need to head on over to Betway.

Betway also accept deposits and withdrawals using a PayPal account with a PayPal balance in that account. Credit cards linked to the PayPal account cannot be used.

When making a deposit to a Betway casino account the funds are available to play with immediately.

Sun Vegas

The Sun Vegas Casino

Of all UK tabloid newspapers that we could wager would end up with an online casino, it would of course be The Sun!

Despite the newspaper brand, the Sun Vegas casino site works very well, and always has ample games to play from with regular new games added weekly.

Their signup bonuses are also very generous for new time players too.

Sun Vegas accepts PayPal for deposits and withdrawals, and although withdrawals are fast, they do state it can take up to 7 days for the withdrawal to reach a customer’s account.



Although Unibet has stayed relatively quiet in recent years, it is still an account many UK casino players have in order to claim the sign up bonus and free plays.

New games, roulette, live games, and seasonal games are all ready to play with the click or press of a button.

Fortunately, Unibet also accepts deposits and withdrawals from PayPal to and from a Unibet account.

They do state PayPal deposits should be instant but allow a few minutes for the transaction to successfully go through before playing.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power Casino

Irish betting and gaming company Paddy Power not only have a large online casino and games area, but also are another UK based casino company allowing PayPal.

A full list of all payment options when using Paddy Power can be found here.

It is worth noting that the minimum amount to deposit into a Paddy Power account using PayPal is £20, which is considerably more than most online casinos.

Paddy Power also state that deposits can take between 1 and 4 hours to be available to play.

Kong Casino

Kong Casino

Kong Casino launched back in 2014, and although not a familiar brand name they have over 900 games to play from.

As well as a large selection of casino games and slots, they also accept PayPal for withdrawal and depositing to a Kong Casino account.

Minimum deposit by PayPal into a Kong Casino account is £10.

King Casino

King Casino

King Casino also launched back in 2014 and is also not of the most recognised online casino brands in the UK.

The main focus of King Casino is the ample number of slot machines to play including familiar and unique slot games.

King Casino also accepts PayPal for deposits and withdrawals, with a minimum requirement of a £10 deposit.

Ladbrokes Casino

Ladbrokes Casino

The popular high street betting shop Ladbrokes also runs an online casino, with a range or roulette and blackjack tables as well as a number of slots.

They also regularly offer huge welcome bonuses for new players, which is worth checking out if you do not hold any Ladbroke account.

Ladbrokes Casino accept PayPal for deposits and withdrawals with a £10 minimum deposit fee.

PayPal deposits are usually available to play straight away.

Coral Casino

Coral Casino

Coral is another high street bookie favourite that has opened its online doors into the world of online casinos.

Their range of options include live casino games, blackjack, roulette, and slots.

Their regular promotional sign up bonuses for new customers are usually pretty enticing too.

Coral Casino do accept PayPal as a method for depositing or withdrawing from a Coral account, with a minimum deposit amount of £10.

Why use PayPal for an Online Casino?

Having covered a number of UK casinos accepting deposits and withdrawals using PayPal, you may be wondering why is it a good idea to use PayPal instead of a debit or credit card, or even bank transfer?

Using PayPal has two distinct advantages over a debit card or bank transfer:

  • Debit card or bank details do not have to be entered to the casino site
  • PayPal offer up to £50 protection on purchases using their service

There are many who are still concerned with online fraud and the potential for scammers to collect card and bank details and use them maliciously.

A virus or bad software on a PC, laptop or mobile phone could mean entered debit card or bank details can be intercepted by hackers.

Also, there are many copycat websites out there, and a simply mistype of a website address, or click on to what looks like a genuine email, could in fact be scammers who will use the debit card or bank details to withdraw your money.

PayPal mitigates that risk because the casino will not ask for your bank details, they will direct you to the PayPal website where you can securely confirm the ability for the casino to be able to withdraw from and deposit to your PayPal account balance.

Although there is always a small risk when making any payment transaction online, PayPal also covers up to £50 of protection in the event of scam or not receiving the goods or services you have paid for.

This means using PayPal is a safer option when depositing to online casinos than using debit card or a bank transfer.

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