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Can you Win at Roulette by Playing Green: Maximise 35/1 Odds

Sep 29, 2022

Standing at a roulette table, or watching a roulette screen online, the temptation of a wager on green can sometimes be overwhelming.

In the UK the single green 0 has odds of 35 to 1.

This means a wager of £5 would see a nice return of £180, which includes the original £5 stake.

Considering the real odds of landing green is 37 to 1, the odds of winning on green on a single roll are not in a player’s favour.

On the other hand, the odds of winning on any number or colour at a roulette table on a single roll are not in a player’s favour.

The house will always have the edge.

Although a single spin landing will be pure chance, mathematical geniuses for the past 300 years have been analysing patterns and devising strategies to help give the edge back to the player.

There are two popular roulette strategies that can be used to leverage fortune towards winning on green.

In this article we’ll look at both of the strategies including what happened when we tested both strategies and will share our results.

Why Play Green at Roulette

Green always has that special place at the roulette table.

The enticing individual colour stands out well before reaching the wheel, and with a strategic presence and alluring odds of landing, there have been many a random player let to a wager like a ship to a mermaid.

Both resulting in similar demises.

In fact, green has no better or worse chance of winning than any other number on the roulette wheel but landing green gives the player that added adrenalin boost when in lands.

The odds given by both traditional casinos, and online casinos, for winning on green is 35 to 1.

As stepping up and placing a single spin wager on green requires great fortune, the James Bond strategy and the Andrucci strategy may be just the advantage needed.

Both strategies do and can involve betting on green in a systematic way and leveraging the laws of odds and chance in the player’s favour.

These are no sure fire ways of winning – and like every wager it’s a gamble – but these strategies have been studied and played many times over in search of a win.

The James Bond Strategy

The James Bond roulette strategy involves a cool, calm, and suave betting strategy.

James Bond Strategy when playing Green

Martini not required.

The strategy works by dividing your total stake for the spin in to three parts:

  • 5% on Green (0)
  • 25% on Double Street
  • 70% on High Numbers

Therefore, a wager of £5 on the spin would mean 25p on green, £1.25 on Double Street and £3.50 on High Numbers (as shown in the infographic).

If green lands the return for the 25p bet is £9.00, which is a 180% return on the total wager.

We tried and tested the James Bond Strategy over 10 spins and unfortunately not only did green not land once but lost 70% of our total stake.

Perhaps the Andrucci strategy will provide better fortune.

The Andrucci Strategy

The Andrucci Strategy could be considered the most mystical of all strategies, although in reality is based on probability and repetition.

The Andrucci Strategy when playing Green

The idea behind the strategy is to analyse a number of spins on the same roulette wheel by the same dealer.

By analysing more than 35 spins a pattern should emerge and some numbers will, almost inevitably, land more than others.

In fact, during our analysis two separate number landed 4 times each in 35 spins.

What was also interesting is that green landed twice in the same analysis – once on spin 15 and again on spin 30.

Using our analysis data, we tried and tested the Andrucci Strategy and wagered £1 on the next 35 consecutive spins after the analysis was over.

Green landed again twice, once on spin 20 and again on spin 31!

This meant we won £70 from our £35 wager – and made a 100% return.

Now of course green may not have landed at all, but the maths of the strategy means a player should have a 94% chance of at least breaking even.

Can Green win more than any other number?

Although green is mentioned throughout this article, in theory it has as much chance of landing than any other single number on the wheel.

Green though is often talked about more because of its unique colour.

If you have a ‘lucky number’ you can continue to follow the same strategies but simply wager on a lucky number rather than green.

There are 36 different number pockets on a roulette wheel, and one green pocket, so 37 numbers in total.

Therefore, no single number has a particular advantage over another.

Despite this people are drawn to green again and again, and unlikely to change anytime soon.

Winning by Playing Green – In Conclusion

There isn’t of course a sure fired way of hitting green every time.

If there were we’d all be sitting in the Bahamas drinking wonderful green cocktails, with light green umbrellas.

The strategy of winning on green is playing consecutively and, especially with the Andrucci Strategy, play with the fall back of a 94% chance of break even and the goal of doubling the total stake.

In order to attempt this, according to the strategy, you will need a starting stake of at least £37. This is the chance of landing green once.

Landing green in 37 spins may not happen at all, or it may happen multiple times. Although the laws of odds and chances predict landing green once per 37 spins, we know reality doesn’t always follow the rules!

If green lands within 35 spins the player makes a profit and how the 94% chance of break-even is calculated.

Remember though you should never bet more than you intend to, or feel comfortable to, in order to fulfil the requirements of a strategy.

Wagers can be reduced to less than £1 per spin, so each spin could be wagered with 50p resulting in a total stake of £18.50 rather than the full £36.

Any advantage a player can take over the house is one that can definitely be explored!

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