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Can You Win on a No Deposit Bonus – Truth on Free Casino Money

Jun 22, 2022

Casinos will use many different tactics and incentives to increase their players.

We all know the house always wins in the end, but it doesn’t stop millions of players every year testing their fortune.

The adrenalin buzz after all can be fun.

What is even better is winning on a no deposit bonus. This is literally free money. Is it possible?

It is possible to win using a no deposit bonus using an online casino. The no deposit bonus can not be withdrawn but the winnings from the stake of a no deposit bonus can be. If a stake of £5 is made on red on a roulette table, the winnings to cash out will be £5, as the stake will be retained by the casino.

There are many no deposit bonuses being offered, but this is often a technique by scam online casinos luring people to part with their debit or credit card details with the promise of no deposit plays, but in reality, money is withdrawn from your account.

Online casinos can be hyped up on social media luring players in with great deals, but often credit or debit card information is required in order to verify the player’s age, which is where the scam comes into effect.

We have put together a full guide on all the checks you can do to help understand whether the casino is legitimate or not – you can access the guide using this link

Once you have done your checks, and happy to proceed, it’s time to open an account and spend your no deposit bonus.

What is a No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is when a casino will provide funds in order to play online casino games for the chance of winning at the same odds and chances regular casino players receive.

The no deposit bonus is limited of course as ain introduction trial and almost all require a debit, credit, or PayPal to be stored into the account to not only incentivise further spending, as depositing funds becomes easier, but also to ensure a player isn’t setting up multiple accounts under different email addresses for repeat no deposit bonuses.

With the bonus awarded into a players account, they can play online on all casino games just as they would if they deposited the funds themselves.

The only difference is this no deposit amount can never be withdrawn.

The winnings from the no deposit bonus wagers and plays can be withdrawn, but not the bonus itself.

A no deposit bonus is best described as being equal to a cash amount being deposited in to an online casino that can be used to play any of the online casino games, except the deposit is provided for free from the casino as a sign up bonus.

How to Win on a No Deposit Bonus

The easiest way to win with a no deposit bonus is to place a bet, or stake, on a game and chance your fortune.

What we will look at is how best to utilise your no deposit bonus and use to your advantage.

As much as it’s tempting to place free stakes on the highest return, it is also what the casino wants you to do. The chances of winning anything are slim, and you’re then encouraged to deposit more.

Let’s look at this another way to gain an edge and an advantage.

Compound accumulation winnings in small increments is one strategy, tried and tested.

It involves places bets on smaller odd games, for example playing red, black, evens or odds on a roulette table at even odds.

This means a stake of £5 will win £5 plus stake. Of course, we can’t withdraw the stake as this was given for free, but we can collect the £5 for what is, almost, a fifty-fifty chance.

The idea of guessing whether a coin flip will land on heads of tails twenty times in a row seems almost impossible, but if you started with a £1 stake – and the return each time was even odds – and adding your winnings to the next stake, after 20 correct spins you’d be a millionaire.

Guessing the results of 20 coin flips seems to much of a random chance but spreading the bet across different games appears on the surface to be slightly more achievable.

The intention here is not to look for 20 accumulated bets, this is way too difficult, but the goal is to use the no deposit bets to your best advantage and use them to build an account of withdrawable funds using free no deposit bonus funds.

With four even odds accumulated bets it is possible to turn a £5 no deposit bonus in to £75 ‘withdrawable’ cash. This is known as the ‘Four Stake’ strategy.

The Four Stake Strategy is as follows:

  • £5 no deposit bonus stake and Bet 1 at even odds
    • Win £5
  • £10 stake and Bet 2 at even odds
    • Win £10
  • £20 stake and Bet 3 at even odds
    • Win £20
  • £40 stake and Bet 4 at even odds
    • Win £40
  • £75 – a total of £80 minus the original non-withdrawable no deposit bonus of £5

If your no deposit bonus is £60 with one casino, this gives you 12 chances at this Four Stake staking strategy, with low odd betting, to create a £75 profit.

If this profit is achieved, this win allows you to try this strategy an additional 31 times.

If you took 1p and managed to win 30 even odds bets, so doubling 1p every day for 30 days, by the end of the month you would be worth £5m!

This is the power of compound accumulator staking.

We are of course looking realistically which is why we are focused on the Four Stake Strategy, smaller compound wins can allow many more accumulator stakes.

Best Games to Spend a No Deposit Bonus

With any casino strategy, there will be good games to play, and not so rewarding games to play, therefore we are looking for games with low odd possibilities.

The first game to look at is roulette.


Roulette has varying odds from evens (when betting on red, black, odds or evens) to 35/1 (when betting on individual numbers).

The Four Stake Strategy works on as low odds as possible, so evens would be better to increase your chances of a win.

Another option is Blackjack.


Blackjack odds of wining are up to 42.2%, with a chance that a push result (where nobody wins) returns your stake money, meaning you can try again.

This offers similar odds to betting even odds at the roulette table. There is a little more strategy at play with Blackjack, unlike roulette where you simply watch the ball with zero influence or choice.

Which combination you play your Four Stake Strategy between roulette and blackjack is up to you.

Sign up for multiple no deposit bonuses

It doesn’t stop any player signing up for as many no deposit bonuses, from legitimate online casinos, as you can find.

You will find a bombardment of marketing emails from each casino you join, but these can later be unsubscribed, or a separate free email account set up just for this purpose.

It allows you to play with no deposit bonuses many times over or use the Four Stake Strategy many times.

We will be using our methods of finding legitimate online casinos to bring to you the best online casino games with highest RTP, as well as trying out the casinos ourselves to bring you an accurate review, playability and pay out guide.

Winning on No Deposit Bonuses – In Conclusion

It’s possible to win using no deposit bonuses but the bonus itself cannot be withdrawn.

Play the no deposit bonuses wisely, as this is a great chance to build a larger pot to play higher stakes with, risk free.

If a low odd accumulation strategy works well for you, this maybe something that can be continued.

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