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Does Roulette have the Best Odds at a Casino – Odds Revealed

Jul 20, 2022

At the casino we are all trying to leverage our odds, beat the casino and walk out, or log off, with a smile.

Knowing we not only walked ended up in profit – but also the feeling that we won!

One way to achieve this is to look for the best odds available in any casino, which also includes online casinos that can offer a wider range of games and different odd opportunities.

A game that immediately springs to most people’s minds when thinking of the best odds at a casino, but is it truly the game with the best odds available?

A player has a 48.6% chance of landing red, black, odds or evens on a roulette table which are the best odds at a casino. This is followed by Blackjack offering up to a 42.2% chance of a win. Slots have up to a 95.2% RTP, but this does not represent good odds due to the length of time involved.

Many people believe the chances of landing red or black on roulette are a fifty-fifty, but this isn’t the case. There is a 2.8% chance of Landing on 0, the green segment, which therefore means landing on just red or black cannot possibly have a fifty-fifty chance.

A 95.2% RTP sounds amazing, but this is not offered per game or spin. This return to player average is over a much longer timeframe.

Although roulette offers great odds it is worth looking at the alternatives, some which have an element of skill involved which can leverage the odds ever so slightly.

Why Roulette has the Best Odds

The best odds at a casino are those that offer as close to an even chance, and even probability of success.

Chance and probability are not to be confused by judging a bet by odds alone.

For example, the odds on a horse in a horse race are largely based on market and punter influence along with bookmaker insights.

Just because a horse has odds of Evens it doesn’t mean it has an exact probability of fifty-fifty of winning.

A coin toss on the other hand has an exact chance and probability of fifty-fifty. A player will either land heads or tails.

On the other hand, roulettes odds are based on chance and probability.

The reason why roulette has the best odds is because it is the game which provides the casino the least leverage per play over the player on a straight win or lose system.

Often, and incorrectly, Blackjack is quoted as having the best odds to win.

A player has a 42.22% chance to win on Blackjack but has an 8.48% of a tie and payback of bet.

Although Blackjack has a lower chance of a win than Roulette, it does have the lowest casino odds of a loss at just 49.10% compared to roulette’s lowest odds of a loss at 51.4%.

Although because of the tie factor Blackjack may give the best chance and probability not to lose money, in terms of the best odds to win a game at a casino, the winner in this comparison would be roulette.

No one goes to a casino to break-even!

Why Roulette Chances are Not 50 50?

The only reason 0, the green segment, appears on a roulette board is to give the casino the edge it needs on every bet.

Landing 0 on Roulette

If green didn’t feature, then the casino would have as much chance of winning as the player.

Roulette has the best odds because it has the closest possibility of an even chance and even probability of success and a win.

Just one number, which has only a 2.8% chance of landed, stands between the player having as much chance of a win as the casino.

This isn’t just when playing red or black but applies to odds and evens too as green isn’t counted toward either wager.

This 2.8% is the casinos edge over the player on every spin, regardless of whether the player chooses red, black, odds or evens.

Therefore, it means the player has a 48.6% chance of a win on every spin, and the casino has a 51.4% chance to take the players bet.

Can you increase chances of winning at Roulette?

The croupier or dealer spins the wheel, the ball is held and released. It spins around the frame several times before crashing down on to the wheel jumping over numbers to the gasp of the players as it nestles itself into the barriers of a number hopefully providing a win for a player.

This random act of motion, energy and gravity makes roulette look like the ultimate random game with zero opportunity of increasing your chances of playing, right?

This hasn’t prevented mathematicians and analysts over the centuries creating roulette strategies to increase a player’s chances of winning.

There are many roulette strategies to study including the Martingale strategy, the 3 2 strategy, the Labouchere strategy, the James Bond strategy and many more!

In fact, there are such a wide range or strategies offering different levels of success we even went out and tried and tested all the main and talked about ones.

If you want to find out the results from our huge case study, I recommend reading our best roulette strategies tried and tested resource.

One clear roulette strategy stood out above the others and gave us a 160% return on our stake!

We took this one stage further and also looked at whether black or red appears more often when playing roulette.

They should of course appear as often as each other, but the law of randomness doesn’t always follow the same path as the law of probability – and we found time and time again the same colour appearing more than the other.

Rather than re-write the full details again, the link to our best colour to bet on in roulette article can be found here.

Our research has shown it is possible a player can increase their chances of winning at roulette over just randomly choosing random numbers – but this of course is increasing a player’s chance, it’s of course not guaranteed!

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