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Free No Spins Bonus UK: Fully Updated for 2024

Jan 1, 2024

We all enjoy signing up to a new casino, especially for the bonuses and rewards on offer.

Many casinos give free spins as sign up rewards, but many players prefer free no spin bonus awards, that can be spent on any type of casino game.

Whether that be roulette, blackjack, or a game of the players choice, but it is frustrating when the bonus is only valid on slots, or even worse when the slots are restricted to just a handful.

In fact, the odds are more favourable for the players when playing roulette or blackjack, rather than spins, mainly due to an element of choice.

With roulette the player can choose to reduce the odds to an almost even, which is considerably more favourable than slots.

One of the best ways to take advantage of free bonuses is playing them on red, black, even, or odd on the roulette wheel.

Although odds are of course low, the chances of winning real cash using bonus plays is higher than any other casino game.

This is often why casinos choose spins for bonuses, as the wins are based on very randomised playability, with the human factor choosing what to wager on.

Casinos change their bonuses regularly, so here updated for 2023, is a list of casinos offering free no spins bonuses in the UK.

The Sun Vegas

Sun Vegas Free No Spins Bonus

Offer: £10 free no spins bonus reward for new signups

The Sun Vegas is one of the most recognised online casinos in the UK.

Millions have played at the Sun Vegas casino, and it is one of the most reputable casinos around.

Despite its huge brand potential, it also has one of the best free no spins bonuses around.

Simply open an account and be rewarded with £10 to play at any of the casino games, including roulette and blackjack.

It really is one of the best sign-up offers in the UK at the moment.

One point to note, in order to receive the free deposit, you must opt-in to the marketing and promotions by email tick box when registering.

I made this mistake and opted out of promotional follow ups, so I thought, but this also includes the opt-in email for the bonus. Make sure to opt-in to all marketing and promotional material during the registration process and you should receive your £10 bonus.

32 Red

32 Red Casino Free No Spins Bonus

Offer: Up to 150% bonus of up to £150

The number of casinos offering free no spin bonuses are few and far between at the moment.

The next best is a casino that awards a bonus through a deposit, but no wagering is required, meaning the player is free to withdraw their original deposit after the bonus has been awarded and played.

Fine print changes all the time at many casino sites, particularly if they feel a loop-hole is being exploited, but the current match bonus offer from 32Red is a good option to try.

The bonus, as it’s awarded as an account balance, can be used on all casino games including blackjack and roulette.

They also offer free spins as part of the bonus, but this is an add on rather than primary reward.

Admiral Casino

Admiral Casino Free No Spins Bonus

Offer: Up to 100% bonus of up to £200

Admiral Casino isn’t one of the most recognised online casinos in the UK but is steadily growing in number of account holders.

Operated by Greentube Alderney Limited, Admiral Casino launched back in 2014.

The Admiral Casino bonus, similar to the 32 Red bonus, is a deposit match bonus but currently seems to allow players to be awarded without a wager of the deposit.

Again, T&Cs change quickly so it is worth vetting any offer before playing.

That said, if a deposit is made and the reward is not as expected, the deposit can simply be withdrawn again.

Although the deposit can be used against most casino games, there is also a 40 free spin off in additional to the matched deposit bonus.

Although many players do not like slots, having free spins is certainly better than nothing!

What are free no spin bonuses?

Many casinos incentivise their new players with free spins on either a single slot, selection of slots or all slots.

A bonus is of course a bonus, and worth having to try your luck.

Many casino players prefer the thrill of the roulette table, or blackjack table, where they can try and influence their win with strategic plays.

Slot machines rarely allow you to do this, and any win is simply down to randomised luck.

Bonuses can be put to much better use following good roulette strategies or well thought out blackjack strategies.

Recommended Reading: Best Roulette Strategies

This is what is meant as ‘no spin bonuses’, meaning a bonus that doesn’t require playing slots.

The ‘free’ aspect simply means either no deposit needs to be made in order to receive the bonus, or worst case a deposit is required but can be withdrawn once the no spin bonus has been received and played.

Are No Spin Bonuses Better than Spin Bonuses?

Whether no spin bonuses are better than spin bonuses often comes down to a players gaming preference.

Some players simply do not like playing slots.

The slots are very random and even though a slot may have a high RPR, it still often means a large proportion of multiple players deposits are paid to a small number of players.

Casino games are different, and although the house always has the advantage, the player has the ability to play how they feel and to what level of odds and risk.

Strategic players rarely play slots and always head to the tables.

This is often why trying to find no spin rewards can be challenging.

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