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How to Use the Ladbrokes Casino Bonus – Step by Step Guide

Jul 4, 2022

The Ladbrokes Casino bonus is one of the most generous bonuses out there.

Deposit and wager £10 and receive £50 welcome bonus.

Having signed up for a Ladbrokes casino account, and depositing my £10 wager, things became very confusing, and I was struggling to understand how to opt-in to, and get access to, my £50 bonus.

Fortunately, I managed to find out how to access the bonus and can now walk through how the Ladbrokes bonus system works, how to use it, and the important caveats you need to be aware of.

Here is a step by step guide on how to use the Ladbrokes casino bonus:

  1. Open a new Ladbrokes Casino account
  2. Deposit £10
  3. Wager and play the full £10 from the pre-defined games on the list
  4. A £50 win bonus notification pop up window will appear
  5. £50 will automatically be deposited to your account
  6. Bonus account will be used on predefined games before cash deposit
  7. Cash account will be used on non-predefined games
  8. Bonus winnings can be collected as cash if £2,000 is staked

Unfortunately collecting and using the Ladbrokes £50 bonus is a little unclear at times.

Once the initial £10 deposit is made there isn’t a welcome bonus email, or confirmation onscreen to say the bonus has or will be awarded.

The £10 initial stake needs to be played in full.

The moment the full £10 has been staked a pop window will appear showing your £50 bonus has been awarded, which is immediately added to your account.

This will appear as your Gaming Bonus, as shown in the screenshot below (this is my account with 4p left from the £50 bonus awarded):

Withdrawable and Gaming Bonus

The ‘Withdrawable’ amount is your cash deposit and can be withdrawn as cash back to your bank account.

The ‘Gaming Bonus’ amount is your bonus but can not be withdrawn as cash.

It is worth noting that a win using your Gaming Bonus is not accumulated into your Withdrawable amount, it stays within the Gaming Bonus amount – and cannot immediately be withdrawn.

In order to withdraw your bonus, and any winnings you make from playing the bonus amount, there is a further condition you need to meet – which is to stake £2,000 within the specified timeframe.

Fortunately, this does not necessarily mean you must stake £2,000 in cash to gain access to the £50 and its associated winnings.

You can, but there is a better way, and pitfalls to avoid, which be covered in this article.

I will show you a hack that could see you deposit £10 but withdraw as cash £60, without staking any more money.

Playing the Ladbrokes Bonus

Once your initial deposit has been played, and the bonus has been awarded into your account once you have agreed the opt-in, it’s time to play!

Playing the free bonus is straight forward, but there are things you need to be aware of.

Ladbrokes casino has many exciting games to play, from slots to roulette to blackjack, but not all games can be played using the free bonus.

It isn’t always clear either which games can, or can’t, be played with the bonus.

There are a couple of way to tell though.

Avoid High Jackpot Games

The high paying games are usually not included. These are games and slots with a high cash value showing as the jackpot.

There are some examples in the screenshot below:

Ladbrokes Casino Games

Although this isn’t a reliable method, it certainly gives a good indication of games that are at least possible to play using your £50 free bonus.

There are other ways to be sure.

Check Account Balance Before Playing

Although there isn’t an obvious sign as to whether your next spin is going to be using your cash balance or your free bonus balance, there is a way to tell.

When playing a game that is possible to use your free bonus, you will notice your account balance underneath the game will be a total balance of your cash account and bonus balance.

So, if for example, you had a cash withdrawable balance of £15.00, and a free bonus balance of £50.00, the account balance will show as £65.00 to play.

On the other hand, if the account balance shows as just £15.00 to play with, it means the free bonus is not being included and therefore will not be used for this particular game.

I started playing real cash on a game when I thought my bonus was being used until I noticed this, so it is worth checking before playing any new game.

Review Against Approved Games List

The most reliable way to tell whether a game can be played using your free bonus is to check the list of current games that are included.

The current list of games included in the bonus can be found here

As long as the game you would like to play is included, your free bonus amount will be played automatically without you needing to choose between playing your cash or bonus accounts.

How to Win Using the Ladbrokes Free Bonus

Winning using the free bonus is just like winning using a cash deposit.

The method of play is the same, the odds of play are the same and winnings on any game or spin will be credited to your account instantly.

Winnings though are credited to your Bonus Play account which is not withdrawable. The next section though will cover how to access this account and withdraw those winnings.

It is tempting to play high risky games with any free bonus. It’s free after all and playing for the big bucks could return a huge win.

This isn’t the only strategy of course.

In fact, it works to your advantage playing a less risky game strategy if you want to be able to withdraw those winnings.

Withdrawing Restrictions Using Free Bonus Plays

To withdraw those funds, you need to stake £2,000 in game or slot plays. Putting all £50 on a high risk game, like a single roulette number, will not help you get there.

This does not mean depositing £2,000 of your own cash, which wouldn’t be a great strategy to withdraw £50, but if you play smart, you could reach the staking amount using the £50 free bonus.

You not only need to reach the £2,000 stake but do so within the timeframe given by Ladbrokes. This is usually within a month of the free bonus being awarded – but terms and conditions change, so it is important to check.

If you manage to stake the £2,000 minimum requirement it will mean any remaining bonus amount left if your Bonus Account is yours to withdraw as cash.

There is a possibly a way this could be done without depositing any further cash – by using a specific betting strategy I will explain in the next section.

Best Strategy to Win Using Ladbrokes Bonus

With a goal to meet all the conditions, and withdraw the free bonus, we need as low a risk strategy as possible.

Especially as we do not plan to deposit any more cash.

This strategy will take some time, patience is required, but the end result could see a deposit of £10 result in a cash withdrawal of £60 with zero risk.

I will explain how.

We need to first stake the entire £10 before we can access our free bonus. The best approach is to pick a colour, either red or black (or maybe odds or evens) and have 10 spins of the roulette wheel at £1 per spin.

Whatever you choose on your first spin – red, black, odds or evens, stick to it – if you change tactic half-way through, the odds could drastically change against you!

I decided to bet on Black.

Here are the results of the ten spins:

  • Spin 1: Black and Even
  • Spin 2: Black and Even
  • Spin 3: Red and Even
  • Spin 4: Red and Odd
  • Spin 5: Red and Odd
  • Spin 6: Black and Even
  • Spin 7: Black and Odd
  • Spin 8: Black and Odd
  • Spin 9: Red and Even
  • Spin 10: Red and Odd

Statistically the results ended up as:

  • Black: 50%
  • Red: 50%
  • Odd: 50%
  • Even: 50%

It followed the law of odds and average perfectly. This will not always be the case, and there will always be a margin of error, but it wouldn’t have mattered if I had chosen Black, Red, Odds or Evens – and kept to that choice on every bet – I would have staked £10 and won £10.

This means my Withdrawable Account is still at £10 but now I have been rewarded the £50 free bonus for staking £10.

Can you see how this works?

By betting with the least-riskiest odds, I managed to activate the free bonus whilst staking, and winning back, my initial deposit.

This strategy can be played using the £50 free bonus – and the initial £10 can be saved and withdrawn at the end as cash, meaning this strategy is risk free (as long as you are left with £10 after this initial step).

Each roulette spin takes on average 10 seconds to play, meaning it will take 333 minutes – or around 5 and a half hours – to using your £50 free bonus and play 2,000 times at £1 per play.

Even with a statistical margin of error of 10%, it would still mean £40 withdrawable funds at the end of the 2,000 plays.

This does not need to be done in one sitting of course, but as long as the £2,000 is staked within the timeframe, it can be spread across the time remaining.

It is possible to speed up the process by staking £2 per play, and spin 1,000 times – reducing the time required to 2 hours and 15 minutes, but risk is slightly higher given the large stake amount.

This strategy will not land you a huge winnings, but it is mathematically and statistically the best way to withdraw free money with as little risk to you as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although a lot has been covered in this article already, here are some answers to other commonly asked questions when using the Ladbrokes casino bonus.

Can You Cash Out a Free Bonus?

The Ladbrokes casino bonus can be cashed out once the minimum stake value has been met within the time-frame given. This is currently £2,000 within a 30 day period.

Can You Cash Out Winnings on a Free Bonus Play?

Winnings made using free plays will be added to a non-withdrawable Bonus Account. These winnings can be withdrawn once the stake value has been played, which is currently £2,000.

Bonus Account winnings can be used to play other games and slots for a chance of winning again.

Is Ladbrokes Casino Rigged?

Ladbrokes Casino, part of the Ladbrokes Coral Group, was founded over 100 years ago in 1902. They are worth an estimated £4 billion and have over 16,000 employees. They are a trusted brand within the UK and their casino is audited regularly for fairness. Ladbrokes casino is not rigged.

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