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Is Roulette Skill or Luck? – Do Strategies Work in 2024

Jan 1, 2024

When playing roulette there are often times a gut feeling instinct comes over, a number is positively jumping at out you.

Unsure why you place the bet, only to see a completely different number land.

If gut instinct can’t influence a continuing game of roulette, can roulette skill or a roulette strategy provide a better more consistent result.

A roulette table in the UK has 37 different numbers, ranging from 0 to 36 and each providing odds of 35 to 1.

Although the statistical odds of correctly choosing a winning number from a roulette wheel are 37 to 1, these are shortened by casinos and online roulette wheels to 35 to 1 in order to give the advantage to the house.

The advantage will always be with the house.

There are loads of strategies, but just a total of that make up, what are considered, the best roulette strategies known.

It’s quite an accolade to know some of these strategies have been around for hundreds of years by learned statisticians, analysts, and mathematicians.

That isn’t to say a gut feeling isn’t on to something and may result in a winner from time to time, but the strategies laid out from geniuses of yesteryear believe longer term success can come from playing to these rules.

Is Roulette Pure Luck

It can certainly be argued that roulette is simply down to luck and fortune on the day.

History has yet to find a single player who made their fortunes using a long term strategy of simply guessing the numbers or colours at the roulette wheel.

Therefore, it could be argued that roulette is simply down to luck and considering the casino (house) has the edge on every bet, statistics will show a player will over the longer term lose when playing roulette.

Who can argue with mathematics and statistics?

If the odds of landing a number are 37 to 1, and the casinos offer odds of 35 to 1, a calculator isn’t required to see who will win over the longer term.

The spins are carried out at random, from different croupiers, with different balls and different roulette tables.

The ball is spun against the wheel in a precise but random fashion.

The wheel is travelling at one random speed, the ball is travelling in the opposite direction at a similarly random speed.

Where the roulette wheel and ball land every time is completely random.

Or is it?

It has been argued many times before that the same croupier, spinning the same ball on the same table can produce surprisingly calculated results.

Sub-consciously the same croupier, particularly if they have been at their job for a while, will get into a rhythmic pattern.

Each wheel is ever so slightly different to another, meaning if the same croupier span, the same ball on two different roulette wheels in exactly the same way and speed, the results would be different.

One such roulette strategy takes advantage of this pattern by studying the same croupier at the same table for as many spins as possible and take note of which number lands each time. The next step is to wager on the number that lands more times than any other, 35 times in a row.

The theory behind this is if a number if landing more times than any other it could be based on sub-conscious actions of the croupier when spinning both the wheel and ball, as well as the exact structure of the wheel.

This may sound absurd, but this is a strategy that has been used for nearly 300 years!

We tested this strategy and made a 30% return on our original bet. This was just one test of course; the result could have been much different.

This is just one main roulette strategy out of nine.

Roulette can be considered pure luck, but until skills and strategies are tested thoroughly the results cannot be considered conclusive.

Roulette Skills and Strategies – Do They Work

Best Roulette Strategies

It may be that with enough players using these roulette strategies that eventually we will find some success stories.

It comes as no surprise that roulette win success stories are easy to find. Not so many players share their losses.

Players will of course use and try everything to their advantage.

If an old story of success came from a player in the 1800s singing ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ as the ball was released, you can be sure you’d today hear a hum of ‘twinkle twinkle’ in the air as the ball spun around the wheel.

We set out to test this.

We tested all 9 strategies, and our biggest surprise is that 7 out of the 9 strategies provided us with an overall win!

One strategy resulted in us breaking even.

Only one roulette strategy resulted in an overall, heavy, loss.

Suggested Reading: We tried and tested all the best roulette strategies; the results may surprise you!

This in itself by its very nature cannot be considered conclusive of course, but it is a foundation that seems to support the roulette strategies that have been used for many decades, and in one case over 1,000 years!

If these skills and strategies never proved successful players would not be using or discussing these strategies today.

What are the best roulette skills and strategies

The link to our full in-depth guide to all the roulette strategies is above, so although we won’t re-write all the details, you can check out the full review next.

What we will do is summarise the list of the best roulette strategies, in alphabetical order, and underneath we reveal which strategy worked best and worst during our tried and tested review:

  • 1 3 2 6 Strategy
  • 3 2 Strategy
  • Andrucci Strategy
  • D’Alembert Strategy
  • Fibonacci Strategy
  • James Bond Strategy
  • Labouchere Strategy
  • Martingale Strategy
  • Paroli Strategy

The Labouchere strategy worked best for us in our review and provided a return of 160% our original stake!

Surprisingly, the most recently devised strategy on the list provided us the worst results. The James Bond strategy resulted in a 70% loss of our original stake.

Our full in-depth review not only explains each bet we made, but also graphically shows how each roulette strategy works.

It is well worth a read before you next hit the roulette table!

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