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Lucky VIP Casino Review: Fully Tried and Tested for 2024

Jan 1, 2024

Lucky VIP Casino launched in 2022 in the UK and since many questions have been asked whether it is worth joining and playing the casino, or skip.

To answer the question fully we decided to open an account, place a deposit, and play some of the games on offer.

This would give us a real tried and tested review to be able to report back on.

Many new online casinos launch and disappear, and those trading without a big brand behind them are often placed under a lot more scrutiny.

Our review of Lucky VIP Casino aims to find out how easy it is to register an account, place a deposit, sample the games on offer and the results from our game plays.

Please note: This review is our personal review of Lucky VIP Casino based on a real tried and tested review of this online casino using our own funds. We have not been paid, sponsored or endorsed by Lucky VIP Casino to provide this review.

First Impressions of Lucky VIP Casino

The first noticeable thing when visiting any online casino website is a welcoming vibe full of atmosphere with enticing links to new games.

Unfortunately, the Lucky VIP Casino doesn’t really have that dramatic effect.

Lucky VIP Casino home page

The design is a little lackluster and feels very rushed. The welcome bonus area too small, the search box area too large and the images are of poor resolution, and even grainy at times.

Lucky VIP Casino gained its UK license in May 2022, so perhaps the overall design is still work in progress and may improve as they receive more feedback and more detailed user data.

Still, never one to judge a book by its cover, whether Lucky VIP Casino is worth playing really came down to how straight forward registration is, whether bonuses are really worth signing up for, how easy it is to deposit and withdraw and also of course the game play involved.

Scrolling down a little further on the home page reveals some popular slot titles, new editions and also links to some of the live casino games on offer.

For the purposes of the Lucky VIP Casino review a combination of slots and roulette will be played with the initial deposit and 100% welcome bonus available at the time of registration.

Ease of Registration and Initial Deposit

The Registration area is straightforward and consists of three separate, easy to complete, sections.

Lucky VIP Casino registration area

The first area requests customers enter their personal details (it would have been nice for the date of birth area to have a calendar attached, or three separate boxes, but this is us being picky!).

The second area requests a mobile phone number, along with household address. Personally, I prefer not to disclose mobile number simply to avoid spam SMS messages, but this is a requirement.

One concern in the Terms and Conditions states that bonuses are added after £20 is deposited, so it appears a minimum deposit applies to receive any type of bonus.

This isn’t unusual although £20 is on the high side of minimum deposit values we have seen.

Also, the home page clearly displays up to a £555 bonus be claimed for new customers, but the Terms and Conditions state the maximum bonus that will be paid is £50.

This perhaps is a new welcome offer and the Terms and Conditions have not been updated, but this is an immediate red flag to someone planning a larger deposit for a higher matched bonus.

The third and last area request a username and password to gain access to your Lucky VIP Casino account.

Once registered we were met with a flashy welcome screen and the option to add a deposit.

Payment options on the Lucky VIP Casino site

We chose PayPal as a deposit option and proceeded to fund our new account.

Here we found that various bonus options are available to selected, and a minimum deposit of £20 is required to take advantage of any of the bonus offers.

PayPal confirmed our deposit request, and instantly we received a confirmation our small deposit is now available to play.

Successful deposit at Lucky VIP Casino

So, PayPal deposits are definitely instantly playable with Lucky VIP Casino, which is a nice touch.

Playing Slots on Lucky VIP Casino

Readers of Guide to Casinos will know that The Goonies is our favourite slot machine to play, and fortunately Lucky VIP Casino has it!

Our eyes lit up!

This Goonies version is the better version we have played, and also has a large jackpot of £1.7million at the time of our play on offer.

Goonies slot

As we are splitting our deposit across slots and roulette, we have decided to play the Goonies slot at £0.40 a game, which will allow 12 spins.

The Result

We didn’t expect much from our 12 spins but were pleasantly surprised.

The third spin gave us the key bonus. The key bonus landed as Mikey’s Coins and overall provided a £1.20 win.

We also won four other times giving us a win amount of £2.40 from £4.80 worth of spins.

With a testing tradition of playing with all winnings we eventually spent 50% of the deposit on the slots at Lucky VIP Casino and enjoyed the smooth gameplay.

We won more times than we expected with our deposit, which is impressive.

Playing Roulette on Lucky VIP Casino

There are a few roulette options available at Lucky VIP Casino.

We decided to play the Immersive Roulette live game.

Roulette at Lucky VIP Casino

The graphics and live video are very clear. We have found the entire experience of Lucky VIP Casino to be smooth and seamless. A good experience so far.

Due to the low amount left to spend we decided to play 0 (green) for 5 games at £1 a play.

The Result

Despite having the fingers crossed on both hands, and toes crossed on each foot, 0 didn’t land on any of our spins, despite it coming close and landing on both 3 and 15 (which are both just two numbers away from 0 on each side!).

Not that we really expected it win playing 0 on a few spins, given the statistical odds involved, and the number of spins we had available.

Overall, we found the roulette interface easy to use and bets were simple to place.

The video quality good and the experience pleasing.

Interface and Usability

The ability to win is clearly one of the most asked questions when it comes to online casinos, but also gameplay and usability are also a key concern.

Its no good joining up to an online casino for a good welcome bonus only to find a user manual is needed to play any of the games!

We found Lucky VIP Casino easy to navigate and simple to play.

Choosing and playing games is very straight forward and even roulette, which can be super confusing at times on some casino sites, was very straight forward. No instructions needed here.

The only negative for us is the design at the top of the home screen. This doesn’t have any bearing on registering or playing the casino, but they could improve conversion rates for new members with a slick redesign or remodeling.

Is Lucky VIP Casino worth joining?

Having joined and played at Lucky VIP Casino we do believe it is worth joining, even if the reason for joining is for the bonus play amount, although a £20 minimum deposit is required.

The user interface is smooth.

At no point did any game freeze or crash throughout our time at the casino, which has been reported by some, but we found the user experience very good overall.

Winning at a casino is the question everyone asks, but of course this is subjective as the casino is always in favour, but we were surprised the number of times we did win playing the Goonies slot machine using our small deposit.

Lucky VIP Casino Review

Review by: Guide to Casinos

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Usability and User Experience
Ease of Registration and Deposit
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