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Sky Vegas 200 Free Spins Review – Tried and Tested in 2024

Jan 1, 2024

The Sky Vegas Casino has a very enticing deposit bonus of 200 Free Spins when £10 is deposited and played by new players.

Each free spin has a value of 10p, so in total the value of the free spin bonus is £20.

One advantage of the free spins bonus is that winnings are put into the players Withdrawable account, not the Restricted account, meaning the player has immediate access to any cash winnings using the free spins without any further wagering.

Having tried and tested the 200 free spins bonus I can see there are definite advantages of signing up trying it out, but there also some considerations to be aware of too, like a restriction of games.

The Sky Vegas sign up process is straight forward enough, and my account was open within a matter of minutes.

I had already tested out the Sky Vegas free spins no deposit bonus (which you can read about here) and now I was ready to deposit £10 and take advantage of the bonus.

One strategy I prefer to use with a cash deposit isn’t an option on Sky Vegas.

This is to play the cash deposit as either red or black on roulette. This gives the best chance of keeping as much of the cash deposit as possible whilst playing towards the free spin bonus.

To be eligible for the free spins only the slots can be played. It’s not possible to earn the bonus playing roulette or blackjack.

I will explain the strategy I used to withdraw more than I deposited.

What is the Sky Vegas 200 Free Spins Bonus?

The Sky Vegas casino launched in 2003, as part of the BSkyB group, and since launch have provided a number of games, bonuses, and promotions, such as the 200 Free Spin bonus.

The 200 free spin bonus awards eligible players up to 200 free spins, with a value of 10p each, to play on preselected slot games.

The player can choose to play 200 spins with a value of 10p each, or 20 spins with a value of £1 each. There are other combinations available, but ultimately the total value of this bonus is £20.

Following the terms of conditions of the bonus is very important as playing the wrong games, or missing the time-frame provided, could see a player forfeit the bonus or the winnings from the bonus.

One great benefit of the promotion is any winnings from the free spins are withdrawable as cash immediately.

Often casinos restrict winnings on free plays, bonuses and spins. They often require more wagering to cash out. In some cases, this can be as high as 50x the bonus value meaning to cash out a £50 bonus the player needs to wager £2,000!

Fortunately this is not the case with Sky Vegas.

How are the 200 Free Spins Awarded?

In order to receive the 200 free spins a player must place a cash deposit of £10 and wager £10 on the list of slots shown – some of these appear in the screenshot below, although games change often so check the website for the current games list:

Sky Vegas Free 200 Spins Promotions page

This doesn’t mean the whole £10 and the winnings from it need to be wagered, just £10 in total.

For example, if a player made 10 spins at £1 each and on spin 6 the player won £15 it would mean their account balance would now be £14. As £6 has already been wagered only £4 now needs to be played, not the remaining £14 in the account.

Once £10 has been wagered, regardless of how much you have in your account, an onscreen notification will appear confirming the 200 free spins have been added to your account.

This is where it becomes slightly confusing, but I will explain the process.

Even though the 200 free spins have been awarded, they do not appear very clearly within the player’s account area, and it may appear confusing whether any further spins will be taken from the free spin reward or as a cash play.

With the notification of the free spins awarded let’s look at how to use them.

How to Play the Free Spins from Sky Vegas

If a player is in the middle of playing when the free spin reward notification displays, it is best to exit the game and return to the Promotions page.

This is where the list of pre-selected slots can be found.

It is worth noting at this point that once a slot is chosen, the full 200 free spins (or the full value of £20) must be played on the same slot.

It’s not possible for the player to play some of the free spins on one slot and the remaining free spins on another.

Once a slot is selected you will notice, on the right hand side of the game, the number 200 which is showing the number of free spins available at the price per spin set.

If you increase the price per spin from 10p to £1 you will see the number change from 200 to 20.

This means, and is confirmation, that the free spins will be used on the next play.

Once you do make a spin check your account balance to make sure it did not decrease. The only number that should decrease is the number of free spins remaining.

Goonies Jackpot Slot at Sky Vegas

At this point the player should continue to play the slot as they normally would. Take advantage of any bonuses and look to make wins where possible.

Any winnings made using the 200 free spins is immediately added to the players main withdrawable balance which can be withdrawn back to the players bank account straight after the game.

However, it is important not to withdraw any money until the original £10 cash deposit has been wagered, and all 200 free spins have been played.

Withdrawing the wrong amount too early could forfeit and invalidate any remaining free spins, or the winnings from them.

The Best Sky Vegas 200 Free Spins Strategy

As previously mentioned, the best strategy to is to play the cash deposit on a low-odds, higher chance, game such as red, black, even, or odd on roulette, and retain as much of the cash deposit as possible.

This though unfortunately isn’t an option on Sky Vegas.

Instead, I would focus on the following strategies and I’ll explain how I withdrew more than I deposited:

  • Play the highest RTP slots
  • Play slots you are most familiar with

Both will give the player an advantage.

I didn’t make a huge return. My original £10 deposit saw a final withdrawable balance of £11.90. An unassuming £1.90 profit, although percentage wise this did equal a 19% return on my original wager, so not too bad.

There is only one online casino I withdrew less than I deposited when playing for a free bonus – find out which one here!

Here we can look at those strategies more in-depth.

Playing the Highest RTP Slots

For those of you not familiar with the term, RTP stands for ‘Return To Player’.

It is the measure, given as a decimal number or a percentage, of the amount of every £1 spent on the slot that is given back to players as winnings over period of time. The average RTP is 93.58, which means 93.58% of all money wagered on the individual slot is won back.

This doesn’t though mean the winnings are to the same player who made the wagers.

So, if you stake £1 on such a slot, you will not necessarily end up with 93p in winnings but you can think of RTP as odds.

Unlike odds though, the higher the RTP the better it is for the player as more of the money played is returned to the players of the slot.

RTP information is usually found by selecting the ‘i’ symbol on any slot on the Sky Vegas website.

For example, the slot in the screenshot below has a 94.600% RTP:

Return to Player of 94.600%, an example of a slot at Sky Vegas

Play the highest RTP slots for the best chances to win a return – although of course this is never guaranteed.

Playing Familiar Slots

All casino slots have a similar feel although the all play slightly differently.

Many slots run automatically by themselves with little interaction from the player apart from hitting the spin button.

That said, when a player is trying to win from a free spin bonus it helps being familiar with the slot being played. as It helps give an advantage as part of a bigger strategy.

If you are familiar with and like a particular slot – that is on the pre-approved list of slots to use your 200 free spins on – it’s best to keep playing it rather than swapping on to a brand new slot you’ve never played before.

Familiarity may end up making you a higher return that you wagered.

Can You Win Using the Sky Vegas 200 Free Spins?

It is possible to win using the Sky Vegas free spin bonus, but fortune will play a part in the outcome.

Staking both the cash deposit, and the free spins on the same slot that provides the best RTP, especially if the player is familiar with the game, are the best chances of a winning.

During my tests on Sky Vegas, I deposited £10 and ended up withdrawing £11.90 – a huge profit of £1.90!

I lost £8.10 of my initial cash deposit spending my £10, but won £10.00 using the 200 free spins, giving me a total of £11.90 to withdraw.

It is worth noting the free spins have a value of £20.00, so to play the same number of times as I did with cash alone, I would have needed to deposit £30.00 to win £11.90.

This would have been a loss of £18.10.

Of course, not everyone can win when playing online casino slots. There are winners and losers, but taking advantage of free spin offers, like the one at Sky Vegas, means an overall profit return is much more likely than playing with cash alone.

I still felt using the strategies above helped make an overall profit which is withdrawing more than I deposited.

Overall, the Sky Vegas experience was very good, the slots were varied and instructions on depositing, wagering and being awarded 200 free spins were clear.

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