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Vegas Spins Review: Fully Tried and Tested for 2024

Jan 1, 2024

Vegas Spins launched in February 2022, under the company name Grand Battery Holdings Ltd, in the UK and since then many different questions have been asked as to whether it is worth joining the casino.

To answer the question fully we decided to open an account, place a deposit, and play some of the games on offer.

This would give us a real tried and tested review to be able to report back on.

There are so many new online casinos launch and disappear, and those independent casinos who operate without a big brand behind them are often placed under a lot more scrutiny.

Our review of Vegas Spins aims to find out how easy it is to register an account, place a deposit, sample the games on offer and the results from our gameplays.

Please note: This review is our personal review of Vegas Spins based on a real tried and tested review of this online casino using our own funds. We have not been paid, sponsored, or endorsed by Lucky Vegas Spins to provide this review.

First Impressions of Vegas Spins

First impressions of the Vegas Spins website show a professional pleasing well thought out design that clearly focuses its emphasis on playing slots.

Vegas Spins

In fact, the entire online casino is entirely devoted to nothing but spins and slot games.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but those wanting to play blackjack, poker or other casino games will have to look elsewhere.

Vegas Spins boast of over 500 slot games to play – and their home page displays some recognised titles such as Big Bass Bonanza, Slingone Fishing, Unicorn Reels and more.

They have an accredited Gaming Commissions account number, as all licensed online casinos should have if operating and available to play within the UK.

A major benefit of using Vegas Spins is the ability to deposit and withdraw using PayPal.

Many online casinos are now accepting PayPal to give even more security to players when opening a new casino account.

Their current promotional bonus is a novel idea where a first deposit of £10 or more gives you a spin on the win reel to win up to 777 free spins on the Starburst slot.

Other prizes are available, but without knowing exactly which sign up bonus a new account opener will receive, it’s hard to really rate how good a bonus it is.

Time will soon tell as we open an account and see what opening first deposit bonus we win.

Ease of Registration and Initial Deposit

The registration process is simple enough.

The registration screen walks the user through four main segments.

The first section requests basic user information such as First Name, Surname, Date of Birth (to make sure you are over 18) plus gender.

Vegas Spins Registration Screen

The second section requests the users address, country, and currency of play (which is set at default to GBP).

The third section requires the user to provide their mobile number and email address.

Vegas Spins Registration Screen requiring email address

The fourth and last section requires a nickname, which will be the players username upon login. A password is required to gain access to the account, and surprisingly an occupation request.

The setup process took less than a couple of minutes to complete, and we were ready to make our deposit.

We did run in to one or two challenges here.

Our preferred option to deposit is through PayPal. Unfortunately, we received an error message from PayPal when trying to connect.

A prompt reply came from a real user through the online chat facility who apologised for the issue and asked us to clear our cache and cookies to try again.

Instead of which we switched from Chrome to Microsoft Edge but were unable to deposit from there either.

The Opera browser did provide success for us, and we were able to place our deposit. The funds were available immediately to place.

Successful deposit on Vegas Spins using PayPal

Please Note: it does mention on the Vegas Spins website that an ‘up to date modern browser’ is required to deposit through PayPal on Vegas Spins. Users may want to check to see if an update is available on their browser if they have issues depositing, or simply use Opera which worked during our review.

Playing Slots on Vegas Spins

Readers of Guide to Casinos will know that The Goonies is our favourite slot machine to play, and fortunately Vegas Spins has it to play!

Our eyes lit up and we were ready to play!

Before playing we went straight over to redeem our first deposit reward and free Prize Wheel spin.

We won 100 free spins, but only 20 spins could be made each day over the next 5 days. We of course would have preferred to play all 100 spins on the same day, as we have seen with other casino rewards.

Our first 20 spins took place on the pre-chosen slot Stampede. A straight-forward standard slot machine.

The game itself a little lack lustre but we did win 110 points, which converted to £1.10 in winnings from our free 20 spins.

Winnings playing Stampede on Vegas Spins

So far, so good.

We headed on over to play The Goonies slot. It loaded smoothly and we were ready to play.

We decided to use 50% of our deposit on The Goonies, and the other 50% on a random slot currently playing.

The Result

We didn’t expect much from our 14 spins and weren’t disappointed.

Our £5.50 won £2.56 in total. Twice two Bonus symbols rolled in but the third for the prize board eluded us.

The £2.56 won was also played on The Goonies slot. The remaining half remained for another slot that caught our eye, Deck the Halls.

This gave us similar results to The Goonies.

We won £2.60 with our £5.50 bet.

In total, we deposited and played £10 whilst winning £5.16 in total and played the winnings on the respective slots the wins came from.

Playing Roulette on Vegas Spins

Vegas Spins is a 100% slot only casino, no roulette or other casino games are available to play.

Interface and Usability

The ability to win is clearly one of the most asked questions when it comes to online casinos, but also gameplay and usability are also a key concern.

Its no good joining up to an online casino for a good welcome bonus only to find a user manual is needed to play any of the games!

Vegas Spins is a relatively simple casino to navigate with good usability.

The 500 slots all appear on the home page, but random game selections are presented as you play.

Unfortunately, the log off button didn’t seem to be working too well but we weren’t able to find too many negatives around the user experience.

Each slot loaded fast with no lag time. Graphics smooth and uninterrupted throughout play.

Is Vegas Spins worth joining?

Having joined and played at Vegas Spins we do believe it is worth joining, even if the reason for joining is for the bonus play amount is rewarded with a deposit as low as £10, although a log in over five subsequent days may be required to be able to collect all your rewards.

The user interface is smooth, although the issues we experienced with trying to make our first deposit using PayPal may put some players off.

At no point did any game freeze or crash throughout our time at the casino, which has been reported by some, but we found the user experience good overall.

Vegas Spins Review

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