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What Happens if you Hit 0 in Roulette in the UK

Nov 29, 2022

Playing online roulette, on in a UK Casino, is a fun and exciting experience but it doesn’t take too long to notice one of the numbers looks different to all the rest.

The 0 number on a UK roulette table is green, and not red or black like all other numbers.

So, what does this mean?

Some new to roulette believe the 0 is a penalty or a loss of bet in some way.

In fact, the 0 number not only helps the casino ensure the house is always favourite to win, but it can also be worth a considerable return for the player if 0 is hit.

0, just like any other number of a UK roulette wheel, has odds of 35 to 1. If a player makes a wager and hits 0, they will win a multiple of 35 times the original stake, including the stake. So, if a player wagers £10 and hits 0, they will be paid £360 which is 35x the original stake plus the £10 stake.

There are occasions where a player may see 00 as well as 0 on an online roulette wheel, and it is often helpful to understand why the 0 helps the casino statistically win more times than they will lose.

Plus 0 is used in the classic James Bond Roulette Strategy!

These will be covered in-depth in the rest of this article, which may prove useful for any player who is planning on placing a wager on 0.

What is 0 on a UK Roulette Wheel?

The 0 on a UK roulette wheel is easily identified as the only green number alongside the other numbers between 1 and 37 shown in either red or black.

The easiest way to look at the 0 is simply as another number.

Instead of looking at a roulette table going from 1-37 and consisting of 37 numbers, it should be considered as 0-37 and consisting of 38 numbers in total to wager upon.

It is worth noting that 0 is not considered as part of the red or black wager, or as part of the evens and odds wager.

The 0 number stands completely alone and if it hits, only players who have specifically wagered 0 will win the game. No other bet can win if 0 lands.

How are Odds on 0 Calculated?

The odds on 0 are calculated the same as every other single number on the board, which is 35-1.

This means the casino is paying out only 35-1 for any number landing whereas statistically there is a 38-1 chance of any number, including 0, landing.

The casino is paying out 92% of the statistical odds of the wager, meaning the remaining 8% is in the favour of the casino every time.

This means the casino has the advantage over players in the long run, as will be seen by every possible wager made.

Why is the 0 Important for a Player and the Casino?

It is quite a clever way for the casino to show numbers 1-37 on the roulette wheel as it ‘appears’ to represent a 1 in 37 chance of picking the right number, whereas in fact it’s a 1 in 38 chance.

A casino will take every advantage they can get!

The 0 is also how the casino will statistically be in an advantage position for red or black, or odds and evens wagers.

The casino offers even odds on those bets, but because 0 falls neither in to either wager, the advantage is with the casino. The advantage is small but meaningful overall.

A player should be aware that although odds of 35-1 on picking a number up to 37 looks OK, they are actually wagering against 38 numbers possibly landing.

Why is 00 shown as well as 0 on a roulette wheel?

Although UK roulette tables have numbers 0 to 37, roulette tables in the U.S. also have a 00 as well as a 0.

00 on a U.S. Roulette Wheel

This can be seen if playing on various online casino sites too.

This gives the casino even more of an advantage because no longer are you wagering on 38 numbers but on 39 numbers, and still for the same 35-1 return.

Therefore, statistically it is better to find a UK based online casino with just a single 0 which will marginally improve chances for a win.

What is the James Bond Roulette Strategy?

There are many roulette strategies to try.

In fact, we tried and tested 9 best roulette strategies, the link to which is here, and found that we only lost using one strategy.

The other 8 strategies we either one or broke even. Surprising, considering some of these strategies are over 1,000 years old!

The James Bond strategy came about in the 1960s and involves three separate wagers per game.

James Bond Strategy when playing Green

The first bet is on 0 with 5% of the overall stake for the roulette spin. The second bet is on double street (7-12) with 25% of the overall stake and last is a bet on high numbers (25 to 36) with the remaining 70% of the stake.

So, for example, with a £10 wager:

  • 50p would be bet on 0
  • £2.50 would be bet on double street
  • £7.00 would be bet on high numbers

Please note – the numbers are slightly different whether playing on a UK roulette wheel with 0 and numbers up to 37, or on a U.S. roulette wheel with 0, 00 and numbers up to 36. The concept and wager are still the same.

It allows a spread bet across many numbers and winning options.

Although it is worth noting that the James Bond Strategy was the only roulette strategy in the top 9 that we lost on.

We lost 70% of our wager using this strategy, but it has worked well for others.

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