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What is the Best Online Slot in UK – We Found a Winner!

Jul 11, 2022

There are literally hundreds of slots to play on UK based online casinos. Some good, some not so good and every so often you find a slot that ticks all boxes.

The best online slot for one person may not be the best for another, so there is an element of subjectivity here, but nonetheless we believe we have found a contender that would tick most players boxes.

Entertaining game play, familiarity, enticing graphics, incredible music score, features galore and hidden gameplays.

Does this sound like the type of slot you would like to try?

Too many slot games feel rushed today.

Lots of hype but little substance underneath. If you can’t get excited about playing a slot, unless you’d heard a buzz on Twitter than one slot seems to be paying out more than another (which rarely is true), then what’s the point.

We found ourselves being drawn to one slot again and again.

In fact, our tried and tested highest earning bonus promotion feature – where we test out which casinos pay the highest bonuses and how they work – saw almost all of our deposit and bonus winnings played on just one slot.

This helps our case study as consistency really helps with the analysis, but this one slot which we are about to reveal made our case study that bit more enjoyable.

Not only are we going to talk about this slot in general but will cover how the slot works, the features, hidden gameplays, and good strategies to follow.

The Goonies Revenge – Best Online Slot

We don’t want this article turning in to a list of 20 slots. It’s a difficult read and it doesn’t provide the answer you are looking for.

If you want to know which slot plays really well and one that definitely needs to be experienced it’s The Goonies Revenge!

The Goonies Return Slot

Across the top UK online casinos, the slot stays relatively the same, and is also known as The Goonies Jackpot, which is a higher awarding slot but generally winnings are less frequent to allow the large jackpot pot to be built over time.

A pay out on one of these slots can be life changing!

So, why The Goonies Revenge?

Nostalgia played a small part I must admit when I decided to put a £1 wager on the slot.

I mean, who doesn’t love the Goonies film!?

‘Hey You Guuuuuuys!!!’

What then happened far exceeded my expectations!

Here is my rundown of why The Goonies Revenge is the best slot in the UK.

Animations and Graphics

From the moment the game loads the familiarity of the Goonies film comes flooding back.

From the character cartoons to the video montages and even real actor video clips, like Chunk doing the Truffle Shuffle across the screen, bring a smile even before the game loads.

One Eyed Willy is clearly referenced as the main feature play to try for feature wins. Get three One Eyed Willy faces in any of the five reels to jump on to the feature board.

Once two appear the remaining reels run really slowly, and music builds, in anticipation of hitting the third One Eye Willy.

I won over £25 on one of the One Eyed Willy features, so as you can imagine it doesn’t roll in very often. Across an average of one hundred spins, it landed just twice. The first time I won £25, the second I gambled for the next feature prize and lost!

I think the marketing team behind the graphics and animations done an amazing job.

You don’t have to be a fan of the Goonies to enjoy this slot, but it definitely helps!

Gameplay and Playability

The Goonies Revenge plays like many other slots.

A large spin button and on screen options like choosing a feature, spinning wheels, gambling on the next feature or even choosing one of three Chester Copperpot’s secret keys!

The interactivity tends to be higher here than most of the slots out there today.

The action just flows.

Whether Data is whizzing across the screen giving you more bonuses, or you see Chunks infamous Truffle Shuffle dance across screen throwing more bonuses at you, they are great touches to an immersive game play.

Music and Sounds

The music and sound effects throughout the slot experience really put this game in a league of its own.

From the opening ‘Hey yooou guuuuys!’ as Sloth swings across the screen, to the opening call of Mikey shouting ‘Goonies never say die’ before you hit spin, all authentic sounds and voices from The Goonies film can be heard.

A real nostalgic treat for anyone who grew up in the 80s, as I did, or those who discovered The Goonies later on.

The feature wheel and feature games bring on other music and scores from the film and wonderfully done it is too.

For the sound effects alone The Goonies Revenge deserves a spin, but it is just another immersive experience brought about by the slots creators which puts it at the top of our list!

One Eyed Willy Feature

If you are fortunate enough to land three One Eyed Willy (see below screenshot) you will jump on to the One Eyed Willy feature board!

First though you will need to spin the feature wheel to see what feature you are going to play on. Once a feature is selected you will have to choose whether to play the feature or gamble for a more lucrative feature with an average higher win amount.

During our plays we only managed to land on the One Eyed Willy feature twice. One time we landed and played the Water Shoot, and won an impressive £25.32, the second time we tried to gamble – and lost.

Make of that what you will!

The graphics and gameplay on the feature are really well done and do a great job capturing certain memorable scenes from the film within the slot game itself.

Three Skulls Hidden Feature

Every so often, at random, you’ll see the column with the spin button illuminate in green and the music changes tone and tempo!

This is where the three skulls feature is about the come in to play – see below screenshot:

The Goonies Revenge three skeleton keys

Once the skulls appear you need to make a choice between them, each hiding the name of a special feature that will become active.

Our favourite is the Truffle Shuffle feature which sees an animated Chunk fly across the screen awarding multiple bonus squares which will help your odds of winning on the next spin.

Other features include Data and his imaginative inventions to help you on your way too!

RTP and Jackpot Versions

The average RTP (Return To Player) for The Goonies Revenge across the casinos we tried stood at 94.05 – or 94.05% – depending on whether the RTP shows as a percentage or a decimal.

This is quite standard, and perhaps a little higher than the average RTP, which is also a plus point for the slot.

There are two versions of the slot we found:

  • The Goonies Revenge
  • The Goonies Jackpot

The two played and looked very similar although the Goonies Jackpot surprisingly does not feature the stars of the film on the slot reels as The Goonies Revenge does.

The Goonies Jackpot slot

This may be down to licensing issues, although the sounds and other graphics are the same.

The Jackpot version at Sky Casino does give the player an opportunity to play for a prize in excess of £1million, although to build up a win pot of this size means there are fewer smaller win prizes on offer.

The Goonies Revenge Slot Strategy

If you are familiar with playing slots, you’ll realise that the majority of the gameplay is left to chance.

Games, such as The Goonies Revenge, can feel incredibly immersive but the options available are limited as the slot plays on autopilot whilst you hope the RTP is weighing heavily on your side.

That said, there are opportunities to look out for, and strategies to follow to increase your win chances.

I call these the Small Incremental Win Strategy and the Go Large or Go Home Strategy.

Let’s will cover these strategies in more detail.

Small Incremental Win Strategy

The aim of this strategy is to take an accumulation of small win pots. Play the 10p or 20p games and increase the number of spins you can play for your deposit or free bonus.

This also means when landing the One Eyed Willy feature you do not gamble but take the feature you land on.

The three keys feature appears incredibly random. We always play the same key (the third one) but this doesn’t appear to give any distinct opportunities apart from a higher chance of landing different win features to be able to try them all and enjoy all aspects of the slot.

This lower risk strategy can provide between a 10% to 20% return, although if fortune is not on your side, you could walk away with nothing as this strategy often sees players wager whatever they win due to the lower win values.

Go Large or Go Home Strategy

This strategy is all about playing as if all fortune on the RTP and time of playing the slot is on your side.

Plays increase to a higher denomination per play, and smaller wins are gambled for higher ones where possible.

This is a very high risk strategy and will often result in losing far more than winning, but for those who do win using this strategy the win values can be a lot higher.

There isn’t an advantage when landing the three skeleton keys as the chances of winning are random, but during the One Eyed Willy feature there is an option to gamble to the next lucrative feature play.

Never play more than you can afford to lose – on any strategy.

Casinos to Play ‘The Goonies Revenge’ Slot

We found a few trusted online casinos featuring The Goonies Revenge or The Goonies Jackpot slots:

It is worth noting that Sky Vegas currently have a free no deposit bonus of 50 free spins and these can be used on The Goonies Revenge slot.

All three casinos have a welcome bonus of between £20 and £50, depending on the casino, for a deposit and wager of £10.

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