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What Online Casino has a Free Bonus Without Deposit in 2024

Jan 1, 2024

There seems to be hundreds of online casinos now, each with different promotions and deals.

Some easy to understand, others more complicated.

There are also casino sites that are unregulated, so finding trustworthy online casinos with a free bonus without a deposit can be tough.

Fortunately, we have found three household name casinos who are offering free bonuses without the need of any deposit, or wagering, in 2022.

We tried them all to find out which no deposit bonuses you can actually win on, whether you always receive your bonus and who pays out the best.

888Casino, Sky Vegas and The Sun Vegas are online casinos who offer a free bonus without a deposit. Free spin bonuses are provided by 888Casino and Sky Vegas, and a £10 free bonus is provided by The Sun Vegas. Mobile number validation, and marketing opt-ins are often required for free bonus plays.

These are recognised and trusted businesses to many within the UK.

888Casino is part of the 888 Group, a company with annual revenue of more than £750m and founded more than two decades ago.

Sky Vegas is part of the same group of companies who bring to you Sky TV and has millions of customers within the UK across its group of companies.

The Sun Vegas is part of the group of companies as The Sun newspaper, which is a household name.

Now that we have looked at the authenticity of the casinos, let us look at the offers and promotions, and how you can play for free, what the pros and cons are and how to avoid the problems we ran in to with not one, but two casinos, and failed to receive our free bonus!

888Casino – Free Bonus Without Deposit

888Casino, which is part of 888 Group PLC and the same company which owns and operates (a sports betting site) has one of the highest bonuses available without deposit.

888 Casino offers a free bonus without deposit

Sign up and you’ll receive 88 free spins, which is great marketing considering the brand name.

The free bonus available from 888Casino is equal to a value of £8.80. Which is calculated by 88 spins at 10p per spin.

The 888Casino website is slick, easy to operate and has a smooth sign up process which really didn’t take longer than 5 minutes to complete.

There are a wide variety of slots and casino games available with relatively high RTP – which stands for ‘Return To Player’ and shows the percentage of staking deposit – shown as a decimal value – returned back to players via wins over the longer term. This is not per session of play.

For example, a RTP of 94.17 means 94.17% of all the revenue collected by the slot from game plays would be returned back to players over the longer term, with 5.83% being kept by the casino.

This is the case for all online casinos with slots, not just 888Casino of course.

When signing up for the 888Casino free bonus, without deposit, I made a glaring error that stopped me receiving my bonus, which is something I want to share with you so that you do not fall in to the same trap.

When you register for an 888Casino account you must enter a valid mobile number. This is because the free bonus is sent as an offer, via a link, as a SMS.

The free no deposit bonus of 88 spins is not added to your account automatically and doesn’t come through as an email with opt-in confirmation.

Although I wasn’t intending to deceive anyone by not adding the correct mobile number, I also was very cautious about receiving SMS messages from casinos, or partner casinos.

If though you are happy to receive the offer bonus via SMS, then make sure to include your mobile number within the account application to receive your 88 free spin bonus!

Although I didn’t receive my bonus there was an option to contact the customer service department if the mobile number was incorrect. I am sure if I contacted them to change it and explain the situation, they would send my bonus through – although I have not attempted this yet.

The slots looked colourful and vibrant, as many do, with a large range available.

Sky Vegas – Free Bonus Without Deposit

Sky TV has been available in the UK since the 1980s and was famous for being the first company to bring entertainment, movies, and sports to our screens via satellite dishes.

Sky Vegas offers a free bonus without deposit

The same company runs and operates Sky Vegas, which is an online casino and because of the brand behind them, are very trustworthy.

The Sky Vegas bonus on offer is 50 free spins.

Each spin has a value of 50p, so in total the free bonus is worth £5.00.

You can choose to play the £5 in different denominations, such as 50 spins for 10p a play, up to 5 spins for £1 a play, and combinations in between.

The good thing about the Sky Vegas free bonus without deposit is it doesn’t require a valid mobile number to claim the bonus and doesn’t require specific marketing opt-in (see The Sun Vegas option below).

The sign up process was very easy, and my free £5 bonus for 50 spins was available in my account without hassle.

I did though have to select the Promotions menu option, find the free 50 spin no deposit bonus and opt into it, but once I did the free spins were added to my account.

Unfortunately, you need to choose a slot from a pre-determined list of slots and use your 50 free spins within a 28 day timeframe.

If though you are like me, you won’t want to wait to get started!

Another caveat is once you have chosen a slot, you have to use all 50 free spins using it. Slots cannot be changed after.

Can You Win with a No Deposit Free Bonus on Sky Vegas?

After choosing the Luck of the Irish slot, I got to work using my free bonus.

I opted for a middle range denomination of 25 spins at a value of 20p per spin.

My first spin saw a win of 90p. A leprechaun feature allowing multi-row wins to take place gave a 9 x 10p win.

Not a bad start.

It took a further 19 spins before my next win of 60p. Another leprechaun feature giving me a 6 x 10p win.

At the end of my 25 spins, I had won £1.50 on a free £5 no deposit bonus.

This is great when using a free bonus, but if I had been playing for real cash, I would be down 70%, or £3.50.

I decided to play my £1.50 winnings on the same slot but increase my win ratio by selecting 50p plays.

Unfortunately, my 3 spins didn’t yield any wins, and I was back down to a £0.00 balance.

So, as you can see, it is possible to win with a no deposit free bonus on the Sky Vegas casino. The win was equal to 30% of my total free play.

Is Sky Vegas a Good Online Casino?

Sky Vegas is a good casino as brand is trustworthy, the pay-outs are industry standard and are regulated and the sign up process easy to navigate.

They have a large range of slots, although only 7 were available to use the free bonus without deposit. They also have many other standard casino games available such as blackjack, roulette and more.

It is possible to win using the free no deposit bonus, and also have other promotions running which provides further free spins with a cash deposit and play.

I also believe the ability to claim the bonuses without a valid mobile number, and needed to opt-in to marketing a big positive, and increases the sign up promotions value.

The Sun Vegas – Free Bonus Without Deposit

The Sun newspaper, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation Group, is the company behind The Sun Vegas.

The Sun Vegas offers a free bonus without deposit

An online casino with a huge trusted multi-billionaire company behind it.

Always being sceptical around the many unregulated online casinos on the internet, this looked to be a great casino to feature their £10 free bonus without deposit.

This, unlike the other casino, as given as a cash value to spend rather than free spins.

The website felt a little ‘clunky’ during the sign up process, in which some enhanced graphics, padding and UX would help, but overall, my account was created in less than 5 minutes.

Unfortunately, though I ran in to another problem, which has now prevented me from accessing my £10 deposit that I want to share so you do not run in to the same problem.

This issue is 100% my fault as I did not read the smaller print before I submitted my account application.

In order to receive your £10 bonus, you must opt-in to the promotion using the link that is sent to you via email.

Like many people when encountering a tick box asking for my permission to be marketed through post, email, SMS, and calls, I chose to opt out.

Unfortunately to receive the £10 free no deposit bonus you must opt into this!

As I didn’t opt into the marketing agreement, I did not receive my welcome no deposit bonus.

The online casino looked good, with a range of slots of other games you would usually find.

If you opt into the marketing, and receive your free bonus via email, you can then go into your account settings and opt out of marketing messages.

The benefits of hindsight!

If I ever manage to receive my free bonus, I will update this article with details on how the £10 was spent, and any returns I made.

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