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Which Online Casino has the Biggest Welcome Bonus in 2024

Jan 1, 2024

The number of UK online casinos have dramatically increased recently.

Although there are a number of new, untested, and potentially unregulated casinos in the online space, there are also some major brands who comply with the UK Gambling Act.

It isn’t possible to try and test everyone, for those reasons just mentioned, but we have tried and tested a number of branded online casinos to find out once and for all who offers the biggest welcome bonus in 2024.

Ladbrokes has the biggest welcome bonus of £50 with a £10 wager, this is followed by Gala Casino with a £45 bonus after a £10 wager, this is awarded through bonus plays and spins. Sky Vegas offer a £20 bonus with £10 wager, followed by Paddy Power Casino offering a £10 bonus with a £10 wager.

Each casino has its own regulations, terms and restrictions when playing and cashing out of a bonus, or the winnings of a bonus.

The casino with the biggest welcome bonus isn’t always the casino with the easiest way to withdraw a sizeable winnings amount.

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The best welcome bonuses are those with the easiest withdrawal options and the best chance to get hold of your winnings.

We’ll look at some of the biggest welcome bonuses of some of the best known online casino brands and how easy it is to cash out your wins.

Ladbrokes £50 Welcome Bonus

Ladbrokes Casino first opened its virtual doors in 2004 and has the biggest known brand casino welcome bonus of £50 which requires just a £10 deposit.

Unlike other online casinos that stipulate all bonuses must be played on slots, Ladbrokes allow you to play your bonus how you like. This includes slots, roulette, and poker.

The Goonies Return Slot on Ladbrokes Casino

That’s not all, they also allow you to play your deposit (to be awarded the £50 welcome bonus) any way you choose too.

In fact, Ladbrokes is the only online casino in this list that allows players to do this – and by doing so you can take advantage of the best strategy to play for an online bonus which is covered further down in this article.

Unfortunately, to gain withdrawal access to your bonus, or any winnings from playing the bonus, a player needs to wager £2,000 – which is 50x the bonus amount.

Many online casinos have a stipulation like this, although 50x is the highest we’ve seen.

When we tried the Ladbrokes offer, we found the wins to play ratio quite high, and felt that it may be possible – with a little fortune – to be able to wager the £2,000 using the £50 bonus alone.

Wagering simply means playing a game, not depositing, so it means a player does not need to deposit £2,000 to be eligible.

If, for example, you won £100 with your bonus plays and then wagered this – as well as your welcome bonus – it means you would have wagered £150 even though you only had £50.

The best way of winning is to stake the entire £50 bonus on a low odds game such as roulette and sticking to a colour (either red or black).

Statistically a player could wager £2,000 just using the £50 bonus continuously playing red or black on roulette and still be left with £48.00 – of course this does come down to chance and the law of averages – but mathematically speaking this is possible.

The only other restriction we found was not being able to use our bonus of jackpot slots, those with huge pay-outs on offer. This didn’t have a negative affect on our experience though.

Gala Casino £40 and Free Spins Welcome Bonus

Gala Casino has a nice slick presentation to their casino site and have the second biggest welcome bonus on our list.

Deposit and wager £10 and Gala Casino will give you £40 as a bonus including an additional 50 free spins. Each spin has a value of 10p, so the total bonus available is £45.

Unlike Ladbrokes though the initial £10 wager can not be used on the roulette wheel, which reduces the odds and increases the chances of a win when playing red or black continuously, but instead must be spent on slots in order to receive the bonus.

The initial deposit must also be spent on a pre-selected number of slots. This though is the same for almost all casino deposit and bonus rewards.

It is useful to bookmark the promotions page as understanding which slots are, and are not, included as part of the bonus winning games isn’t particularly clear.

Once the initial £10 has been wagered a confirmation message will appear on screen showing the £40 bonus and free spins have been rewarded.

There is a minimum wager in order to withdraw the £40 bonus or winnings from the bonus. It isn’t as high as Ladbrokes 50x wager requirement, but at 40x wager it means £1,600 has to be wagered before you can get your hands on the bonus.

Unlike Ladbrokes though the bonus must be spent on slots, it can not be used on roulette – which rules out the low odds and high chance strategy (more about this later in the article).

Therefore, being able to wager £1,600 without extra cash deposits is more difficult and left to the fortune of a good slot win.

On the other hand, the Gala Casino promotion comes with 50 free spins worth £5, and any winnings from these spins are withdrawable as cash immediately without any further wagering. This offers a distinct benefit, as long as a win is achieved using the 50 spins.

Free Spins Win at Gala Casino

On our tests we won £12.75 with our free 50 spins, and we were able to withdraw this as soon as we finished playing.

Sky Vegas 200 Free Spins Welcome Bonus

Sky Vegas is part of the BskyB group of companies, so a very trusted and established brand that has been trading since as far back as the 1980s.

Their welcome bonus is a generous 200 free spins.

Each spin has a value of 10p each meaning this bonus has an overall value of £20.

Although both Ladbrokes and Gala Casino bonuses are more than double that of Sky Vegas, the Sky Vegas casino has one very distinct advantage over all other competitors on this list – no further wagering is required to gain access to the winnings from the bonus.

Sky Vegas Free Spins

This means unlike Ladbrokes and Gala Casino who require between £1,600 and £2,000 additional wagering to gain access to your bonus winnings, with Sky Vegas you don’t have to wager a single penny more than the initial £10 deposit.

With our 200 free spins we won £10, and just to test it out we withdrew these winnings and can confirm this amount was paid back into our bank account.

Unfortunately, all deposit wagering on Sky Vegas must be done on the slots from the pre-selected list of games. It cannot be used on roulette without forfeiting the bonus.

During our £10 deposit play on The Goonies Revenge slot, one we are quite familiar with, we ended up with just £1.90. Fortune was not on our side, but with the £10 winnings from the free spins, our £10 deposit ended as a withdrawable balance of £11.90.

Considering the £10 deposit at Sky Vegas gives a player a £30 wager on various good slots, fortune would really not be on your side to return your stake deposit – although of course this is possible.

Sky Vegas was easy to sign up, good choice of slots to play and bonus instructions quite clear.

We also found that with a 19% profit, Sky Vegas gave, us at least, the highest return from the wager of the deposit and the bonus.

It is the casino we would choose from the four on this list to deposit with if we had to choose just one, due to the no further wager restriction to withdraw bonus winnings.

Paddy Power 100 Free Spins Welcome Bonus

Paddy Power Casino was the last online casino we tried and tested and has the lowest value bonus on our list.

They offer 100 free spins, with a value of 10p per spin, for a deposit of £10.

Therefore, the bonus on offer is £10 free when depositing and wagering £10.

Like the Sky Vegas casino bonus, you can withdraw winnings from the 100 free spins immediately without any further wagering requirements.

The Paddy Power Casino interface has a similar look and feel to some other casinos such as Gala Casino, so similar casino software may be used, but of course the Paddy Power branding is very prominent.

There are a number of pre-determined slots with which you can spend your deposit and bonus, although unfortunately roulette is not an option.

We like the Paddy Power and Sky Vegas bonus options due to the no wager requirement for winning withdrawals so would vote Paddy Power casino as the second best bonus casino offer on the list.

Biggest Casino Welcome Bonus – In Conclusion

Throughout our testing and trials, we found Sky Vegas gave us the best value bonus for our deposit even though it wasn’t the biggest bonus on offer from the four casinos.

Ladbrokes came a close second as although they require a huge £2,000 wager to access the £50 bonus and winnings, this becomes a much easier task when playing either red, black, odds or evens on roulette.

Gala Casino came third as although they still had a £1,600 wager requirement, and slots were the only games available, they did throw in £5 worth of free spins where winnings could be withdrawn straight away.

Although Paddy Power casino is fourth on our list it was only narrowly beaten on third place by Gala Casino.

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